Three-day hiking tour tent camp

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Yerevan - Garni - Geghard - Vishapalich - Kaputan - Sevaberd - Lake Akna
Day 1 From Yerevan we will go to Garni, a symphony of stones, then to Geghard, from Geghard we will go to Vishapalich, and there we will build our first tent camp. We will have our own barbecue, stew, etc.
Day 2 In the morning we will have breakfast on the shore of the beautiful lake, then we will collect the tent road, we will make a walk / off-road trip to Kaputa, we will visit Sevaberd, then we will spend the night on the shore of Lake Akna, we will build a tent camp again.
Day 3 Breakfast on the shore of the lake, gathering in a tent camp,, back to Yerevan (from Lake Akna - Abovyan 1 hour off-road).

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