The most beautiful sights of Armenia

The most beautiful sights of Armenia –  Zorats-Karer (Karahunge)

Zorats-Karer or (Karahunge) – An ancient stone complex, consists of 223 large stones
up to three meters high and weighs up to 8․5 tons ․ According to theory, this
observatory, Armenian scientists are trying to prove that it is the oldest in the world ․ About age it’s probably impossible to say, because the age of Zorats-Karer is from four to eight thousand years, according to different opinions ․

On the slope of the Sevsar mountains you can find astronomical petroglyphs, and represent intricate patterns ․ Archaeologists believe that these images repeat the map of the starry sky ․ There is an opinion that the zodiac signs originate on the Armenian plateau, where all together taken almost all animals included in the zodiac signs ․

Half of the stones are arranged quite in an uneven row, stretching from the northwest to the south East. In the center, the stones form an oval, and in opposite directions are visible passageways-corridors ․ In the center is another circle and a stone mound ․ And on the side the mound has a tomb in the form of a stone box ․ Also, there are freestanding stones․There are many broken and unnumbered stones ․


The most beautiful sights of Armenia – Mount Ararat

Ararat – the highest volcanic massif of the Armenian Highlands in eastern Turkey ․
Mount Ararat is a great pride of Armenia ․
It is divided into Small and Big Ararat, and both peaks are considered sacred ․ Distance between them is 11 km ․ Volcanoes of the mountain are divided by the Sardar-Bulak saddle ․

Big Ararat is covered with eternal snows from 4250m and above ․ There are about 30 in the array glaciers ․ The altitude of the peaks of Greater Ararat is 5165m, and Maly – 3896m. Ararat mountains do not give rise to any river, despite its massiveness and the presence of eternal snows and glaciers ․


The most beautiful sights of Armenia – Echmiadzin Cathedral

The main temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the throne of the Supreme Patriarch Catholicos of All Armenians in 303-484 years ․ Located in the city of Vagharshapat, Armavir region of Armenia ․ Included in UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 ․ Is one of the oldest Christian temples in the world ․

At the beginning, like other temples, it was a rectangular building, but was later rebuilt to the central domed cathedral ․ Over time, it was supplemented by a bell tower, rotundas, a sacristy and other buildings ․